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Happy Valentines Day!

DSCN1870Exploratory Art studied shading today. using chalks, the students blended their colors and used contrast to make the heart stand out. They just make me happy seeing their smiles along with their results. Enjoy!


Blog- are you still there?

DSCN1825DSCN1820DSCN1826I have had a very busy school year. With number of students up and supplies dwindling it has been a challenge. I have spent more money out of pocket than ever before and have seen a decrease in the number of students who actually bring the supplies requested in the syllabus, so the combination has created a challenge. The arts must continue to be funded. Technology has been an enemy and a friend. While it will be exciting to incorporate one-on-one laptops next year for use in the art room, this can in no way replace the artistic exploration of hands on creation of art works. It will be wonderful for showing artists’ work to inspire the kids, but then the fun part is going to the studio to use what they’ve learned. The money spent to incorporate this technology has decreased budgets for several of us, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I look forward to the possibilities! Please enjoy some pictures from this semester, and if the list of things to do gets shorter–ha- look forward to many more.
One BIG CHANGE is the DISTRICT-WIDE ART SHOW which will be held in May at Willard High School. More on this later.

Fibers class is trying out some new and FUN projects. Thought I would share . . .

Painted Quilts- Thanks to Jane LaFazio DVD for inspiration

Austin Hymer and Blake Cullen
showing Blake’s quilt

Glue Batik- Thanks to Gail at That ArtistWoman Blog- Inspiration galore!

Fall into Art

Here are just a few examples of the artwork in our classes right now

May Day May Day

It’s May- the busiest month at the middle school. Teachers are cramming in all the information they can, students are traveling to exciting destinations, older siblings are graduating. We are retiring teachers and giving them the send off they deserve! I am busy designing a new class for next year- You’ll hear more about I-time and E-time in coming months. I think this will be a positive change and I am excited that lots more kids will be exposed to  Art and the kind of problem-solving skills the arts require. Employers are looking for creative minds, and we are in the business of educating those minds. A concern of mine as I enter my twentieth year of teaching is intrinsic motivation. What makes some kids more inclined to do their best, and why do others choose to just “get by”? Quality of work is  inconsistent while expectations remain consistent! Our new program of I- time will allow students even more opportunities to do their best, and E-time activities will provide lots of problem-solving skills and motivation to go the extra mile and have fun at the same time.
Five students had artwork in the SDATA annual art show. They all received ribbons for their work: Chloe Andrews, Abi Hearod, Abigail Woods, Alayna Dunlap, and Taylor Holcombe. Congratulations to those students who go the extra mile!

Art is Fun!

Well, the past few weeks in Art have been really fun for me. We have experimented with several new projects and techniques, and best of all I got to see a fantastic art show Friday March 2 at the Creamery Art Center in Springfield, showcasing art from all the Springfield and area schools. As I recently posted, two of our students had work in this show and it was a delight to see their work included. In addition, it was First Friday Art Walk in downtown Springfield, so LOTS of people were viewing the show-even my high school French teacher, who was very impressed with the work from Willard Middle School! We then walked over to view some artwork by a couple we know and then went to the downtown library to see an exhibit from Willard High School and WOW WOW WOW was it ever good! It was SO MUCH FUN to see former students’ work and see how their skills have progressed in the hands of professional art teachers! It was amazing to see work of this caliber coming from high school students, not college, not professional artists (although I’m sure several will be) after viewing this show. I am very proud of the art that my students have produced this school year. They continue to astound me with their creativity and enthusiasm. Have a great Spring Break. My husband and I plan to spend part of ours visiting the new Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. The masterpiece we are most looking forward to is the birth of our first grandchild at about this same time!

Valentine fun in the art room

Mallory Craig

Chloe Andrews

Sydney Owens

Austin Stine

Students in Mrs. Treadway’s classes have been enjoying some new techniques including needle felting and gelatin printmaking. Enjoy the artwork!

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